Lightweight, stable, fast kayaks

Elliott Kayaks have a range of single and double kayaks suitable for racing or touring. Canoe, and plastic models are also available.


Length:3 m
Beam:68 cm
Cost (10 kg):
$1095 Kevlar hull
Angler version:

$1195 (includes 2 flushmount and 1 railblazer rodholders + paddlekeeper)
Photo will be available soon.

Sleek hull shape offers good performance in this easy to paddle recreational kayak. Super stable and versatile kayak that is ideal for cruising, fishing and is so easy to transport at only 10kg total weight. Long 92cm cockpit makes entry and exit very easy.


Length:3.8 m
Beam:66 cm
Cost (14 kg):

$1695 Kevlar
$1995 with rudder
Pulbah Raider

Australia's best compact sea kayak. Used by novices through to former world distance champion John Neilsen. Stable and fast it is an ideal tourer for lakes and rivers. All Pulbah Raiders come with a large rear storage hatch.

PULBAH RAIDER - sit on top

Length:3.8 m
Width:65 cm
Cost (14 kg): $1495 Kevlar
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The Pulbah Raider Sit-on-top refines this type of kayak. Stable and fast with a very comfortable paddling position.
Ideal for lakes, bays, rivers and low grade whitewater.


Length:4.5 m
Beam:62 cm
Beam OWL:58 cm
Cost (14 kg): $1995 Kevlar

Barracuda offers a fast, stable hull that can take you on many varied adventures. Leisurely paddling on lakes and rivers or wild-water kayaking, even a trip out to sea. The Barracuda can do it all. Multi-sport paddlers will enjoy the speed and easy entry/exit cockpit. Immense hull strength has been achieved by use of Diamond-glass (same material used to make the Navy Mine-hunters). At 15kg total weight, the Barracuda is a pleasure to paddle and transport. A lighter Kevlar 13kg version is available. Price includes rudder. backrest, day-bag and hatch, deck rigging, safety endloops, full brace adjustable footrests and a high quality Lendal design paddle.


Length:4.5 m
Beam:58 cm
Cost (12kg): $1995 Kevlar

High stability makes the Swift an excellent kayak for entry to intermediate paddlers. The swift is a stable high speed tourer/racer suitable for open estuaries and grade 3 white water. Excellent multi sport kayak - perfect for Gloucester Mountain Man Triathlon. Deck design allows for fast water shed and optimum paddle entry with minimal bow wave.


Length:4.5 m
Weight:15 kg Kevlar

The legendary VFT has no equal. Tour in your VFT today, race it tomorrow. Fastest short recreational sea kayak available. Complies with rules and regulations for TK, and Wildwater Racing. Very popular with multi-sport athletes. Very fast tourer.


Length:5.2 m
Cost (18 kg): $2695 Kevlar

Worlds best touring kayak. The Yacaaba opens your world of touring options. Ron Elliott designed the Yacaaba to go anywhere. No stupid chined hulls that edge in one direction but fail to return on the opposite chine. Yacaaba's parabolic hull delivers quick, concise edgeing in both directions. Full waterplane for and aft eliminates plunging. Yacaaba performs superbly on flat-water and come alive in rough conditions Elliott Marathon Seats (EMS) cradle the L4 and L3 region of your spine. EMS seats are rated the best seats in the world. Light weight and tough KEVLAR is used in the hull. Yacaaba is a fast, stable sea kayak ideal for long distance touring. No other sea kayak can match the Yacaaba's all-round capability.


Length:5.5 m
Weight:18kg Kevlar

Steve Pizzey paddled an Elliott Kayaks Reflection and placed equal first in the 2010 Yukon 1000 mile race.
July 2010: The reflection is officially one of the world's fastest touring kayaks!

Larger volume Kayak designed for paddlers up to 6”9”tall and over 100kg weight Ideal kayak for long sea expeditions (Urs Mader placed 2nd in the Yukon River Race in 2009) making the reflection one of the fastest true touring kayaks in the world.

Long diamond shaped waterline with minimum wetted surface area allows effortless high speed cruising. Storage volume is cavernous in both fore and aft compartments. One of our lowest wave making hull designs.


Length:5.5 m
Width OA:56cm
Beam OWL:45cm
Weight:16kg Kevlar
Photos will be posted soon.

Fastest long distance touring kayak that we make. Plenty of storage in front and rear compartments. Huge 500mm x 300mm rear hatch for easy access. Large 250mm round hatch for front compartment. Enough storage volume for a month down the Murray. Designed to accommodate paddlers up to 6'6". Easy to enter 85cm keyhole cockpit with plenty of knee contact for heavy conditions. Same hull as Matador that allows cruising speeds >11kph.


Beam OWL:45cm
Weight:15kg Kevlar

Radical design by Craig Elliott. Craig was asked to design a sea kayak with a prismatic co-efficient of .60. He gave his father Ron the final hull dimension and after careful analysis Ron decided a prismatic coefficient of .65 was possible. Craig said that would be very difficult to achieve as a Nelo Vanish is only .67. We combined efforts and the result is possibly the fastest sea kayak in the world. Placing 1st & 2nd in the 2008 Hawkesbury Classic (James Murray and Urs Mader), James Murray placed 1st in the Murray River Marathon a few months later. Excellent initial stability has been made possible with smooth U shaped mid-section with a low wave-making bow and excellent vortex wave. Suitable for sea and grade 3 white water. Taller paddlers will enjoy this kayak.


Length:5.2 m
Beam:48 cm
Beam OWL:32.5 cm
Weight:12kg Kevlar


Specifically designed for marathon and adventure races. The redesigned hull offers good stability and excellent hull speed. High watershed front deck combined with a flared bow allows rapid progress in disturbed waters. Stem is designed to carry the transition-wave away from the hull and reduce wave-drag. Half-angle of entry has been calculated to produce best possible water cleavage.


Length:5.85 m
Beam:48 cm
Beam OWL:38 cm
Cost (12 kg): $3095 Kevlar
Rush deck

Our fastest single kayak. Redesigned in 2009 for higher hull speed and increased stability. At 5.85m the Rush misses the trouble-some 6m wave frequency. Kayaks longer than 6m can suffer from excessive wetted surface area. The energy consuming 6m wave-frequency is well known to boat designers. Tapered fore-deck allows a perfect ergonomic paddle entry. The computer generated bow shape allows minimum flow separation. Over marathon distances the Rush is faster than K1s. Suitable for advanced and elite paddlers.


Length:5.5 m
LOWL:5.45 m
Beam:55 cm
Beam OWL:45 cm*
Cost (14 kg): $2695 Kevlar hull
New Photos coming soon.

Extremely fast Medium Recreational racing kayak. Sleek watershed deck combines with a balanced hull to produce dynanic performance from a 5.5m Hawkesbury compliance kayak. 12 degree half angle of bow entry delivers the maximum possible length on waterline with high weed shedding and minimum transverse/diverate wave-making. Transom stern allows the same flow lines as a 6 metre kayak, resulting in sustainable hull speeds of >11kph. The Matador loves heavy off-shore conditions in sea kayak races. Full forward water-plane combines with a balanced stern to produce a kayak that comes alive in heavy conditions.

Matador is the perfect multi-sport kayak, offering very high speed with excellent stability. Ergonomic EMS seat and patented Elliot Full Drive Footrest (EFDF) offer delivery of powerful paddle strokes from a stable paddling platform. The Matador is designed to win. Note: Matador is not an altered Van Dussen eg.Flash/Apollo XI. Matador is proudly designed and built in Australia by Elliott Kayaks. It's time to race,lets see who can beat a Matador *(Displacement is not hard to calculate, Archimedes did some calculations 2200 years ago and got it right)

MATADOR - sit on top

Length:5.5 m
LOWL:5.45 m
Beam:55 cm
Beam OWL:45 cm
Cost (15 kg): $2895 Kevlar
New Photos coming soon.

Matador SOT (sit on top) incorporates the patented Elliot Minimum Water Intrusion Seat Well. Elliott Kayaks have designed a premium comfort seat/footwell that minimises volume of water intrusion, which of course adds weight to any ski. 20 litres of water intrusion=20kg heavier ski. Accurate computer calculations are very important in modern design. Elliott Kayaks will not be beaten for technology and paddler comfort.



Length:5.45 m
Beam OWL:55cm
Weight:20kg Kevlar
Nomad Double Kayak
Nomad Double Kayak

Fastest Short Double Sea Kayak available. Capable of racing TK2 class. Good offshore manners make it ideal for short weekends tours and Sunday races.


Length:6.5 m LOA
6.4m LOWL
Beam WOA:62 cm
Beam OWL:55 cm
Cost (26kg): $3995 Kevlar
Tomaree Double Sea Kayak top view Tomaree Double Sea Kayak side view

Very stable and fast touring double sea kayak.
Large volume storage compartments (front 105L, rear 160L) make the Tomaree the ideal multi week touring double kayak. Soft deck cutaways ahead of front and rear cockpits allow close blade entry to the centre-line. Revolutionary dynamic new hull with low vortex wave transom stern replaces the previous Tomaree's troublesome Greenlander/Mirage style hull.
Excellent initial and secondary stability and a hull design that allows large variation in paddler weight and height combine with the best ergonomic marathon seats to make the Tomaree the most popular choice for the Hawkesbury classic and Murray Marathon.


Length:6.8 m
Beam:62 cm
Beam OWL:56 cm
Cost (24kg):$3295 Kevlar

Highly respected fast, Long Recreational Double Kayak. Multiple records and personal best times in Hawkesbury Canoe Classic and the Murray Marathon. Very popular and stable marathon double kayak. Multi-sport and adventure races suit this kayak.


Length:6.98 m
Beam:60 cm
Beam OWL:54 cm
Cost: (20kg):
$3995 Carbon/kevlar
3 bulkheads,
2 hatches
ZeroTolerance ZeroTolerance

Designed as a high-speed Long Recreational Double Kayak. Ideal for multi-sport and adventure races. Fore and aft deck-cutaways allow for smooth and close paddle entry. The low wave-making hull allows rapid progress. Very comfortable, easy to paddle race-bred double kayak.


Length:7.3 m
Width OA:52 cm
Width OWL:42 cm
Weight:20 kg
Cost: $4095 Kevlar

Redesigned with a completely new hull and deck. Testing has shown hull speeds higher than K2s. Vindicator is the fastest kayak that we make. Stability is excellent. More stable than K2s and better than most TK2s. This kayak is destined to break many records.


(triple tough)

Triple Tough construction allows reduced weight and easier handling of this classic canoe.
Length:4.42 m
Beam:86 cm
Weight:36 kg
Cost: $
Mad River Explorer Canoe

Excellent allround performance in a canoe designed for most waterways. Moderate rocker and durable construction have made this Mad River canoe a classic design. Perfect for family or fishing.


Length:4.27 m
Beam:86 cm
Weight:34 kg
Cost: $
Mad River Adventure Canoe

All new hybird. Low maintenance family canoe. Easy to paddle. Super comfort and very stable. Tracks extremely well and the backrest front and back seats unsure your comfort, Centre seat accommodates two children easily. Plenty of cup holders/rod holders and storage.


plastic kayaks

My Selection of good plastic kayaks that I am prepared to say are I am proud to offer. If I did not like the design or features I rejected the offer of a distributorship, Ron Elliott. Proprietor Elliott SeaKayaks.

Watch this space! Model details and pricing will be available early 2013 or call now for details.