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We have always specialized in Ultra light weight Kayaks. Look out for the Rambler at only 9kg compared to a Hurricane- Santee 100 at 14kg or the Yacaaba at only 17kg compared to a Hurricane Tracer at 20kg.
We have great pride in our truly light weight kayaks through out our range, constructed from Kevlar which give the craft it strength. Kevlar is used to make bullet proof vest.Bullet proof vest would never be made of Thermoformed Trylon Plastic, ABS Plastic or any sort of plastic.  

Disclaimer: Canoeing and kayaking are assumed risk activities. Elliott Kayaks and its employees cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, injury or death however caused. It is the customers responsibility to ensure they have the sufficient knowledge, skills, equipment for the activity they have chosen to partake in. Ensure you are familiar with all the relevant safety practices and procedures for your equipment and for the location in which you are using it.

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